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BIW Careers

Careers in Automotive Body in White (BiW)

The craziness, the love, the madness and the passion which you all have towards automobile is increasing tremendously with time. Right from the commercial vehicles to the super cars, technology has been developing at an alarming rate. Today IC engine vehicles have new friends in terms of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. And here comes your desire and a tough choice to buy the perfectly stylized car for yourself. Manufacturing vehicles is a very long and complex process.

Body in White (BiW):

Sounds new? BIW refers to the stage in automobile  manufacturing in which the vehicle body sheet has been assembled.
Do you want to become a BIW engineer?
To become a BIW designer, you require some skills like:
·        An expertise on surfacing software like CATIA, NX etc.
·        Vehicle Dynamics knowledge
·        Skills on design fixtures
·        Knowledge on manufacturing processes
·        Sheet metal design
·        2D and 3D designs and Unigraphics

Career Opportunities:

While the pandemic has led down all the industries, the need for developing a better design for vehicles at affordable price still persists. With the Make-in-India policy, the Indian established companies such as Tata Motors and Mahindra have tightened their belt to give tough
competition. All the established companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Tata Motors, Jaguar, Kia Motors and many more are hiring potential designers with specified skills. The job requirement as a BIW engineer has increased with 3000 + job vacancies. The Asia Pacific region was the largest market for body in white in the world in 2018. BIW designers/engineers work in design, and R&D departments of Original Equipment Manufacturers, design houses, and tier-one suppliers in the automotive sector. They are also offered jobs by technology companies that provide engineering & design services, Product Lifecycle Management, and plant automation solutions to automobile manufacturers. All Niche India OEMs R&D, Tier 1 Sheet metal suppliers, and Automobile Design Engineering Services companies hire BIW engineers.

BIW engineers in India earn somewhere between 3 lpa to 6 lpa in the initial stages of first 3 years. There is a huge demand and competition in the design sector. With increase in experience the demand increases so as the need for innovation. BIW engineers with experience earn as low as 12 lpa and it is ever increasing. All these might excite you as you now know how fascinating your career might be as a BIW engineer.
The Body-in-White Process Engineer will be responsible for sustaining and redesigning mechanical portions of the body center. This is a wide opening in terms of BIW Process Engineer in Tesla, Diamler, Volvo and many more.

BIW Market:

  • BIW market in the automotive industry is expected to grow form USD 77 billion in 2019 to USD 91 billion by 2027.
  • The increasing global vehicle production of passenger cars, electric vehicles, light commercial vehicles and medium & heavy commercial vehicles along with a reduction in the vehicle weight to meet the fuel economy and emission standards are expected to boost the market.
  • Increasing electric vehicle sales is another driver for the BIW revenue growth, as these vehicles require lightweight solutions in the form of material as well as manufacturing methods to achieve higher mileage by the battery.

The main factors behind the growth of the body in white market are the growth in production and expansion in the automobile sector across the globe. R&D is being done on Body in white material to optimize its strength as well as decrease the weight of the vehicle and increase its
efficiency. With the growth in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, the BIW engineers are developing themselves with the ever increasing demand. Racing sector is one famous and importance domain for you BIW engineers. So make your dreams come true. Skill up yourselves and show your love for automobiles. You are the Future!

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29th January 2021

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