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About the Electric Vehicle course:

This FREE Introduction to Electric Vehicle course is designed for the students and professionals who are a complete beginner to this world of EVs. This is a 2 weeks course and covers all the aspects of an Electric Vehicle  starting from the Vehicle Dynamics to building your own E-Bike.

Why enroll in this course?

The automobile ecosystem is changing day by day at a much faster pace and there is a transition from the IC engine vehicles to the electric vehicles. The electric vehicle market is set to grow in a big way owing to the ambitious plans and initiatives of the government. The government has taken a number of steps to incentivize and promote the deployment of electric vehicles and public charging infrastructure to achieve significant electrification by 2030. This Electric Vehicle Course gives your career a kickstart and keeps you ahead of the competition that’s going to come in the upcoming years.

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What will you learn in this course?

This course covers all the basic aspects of an Electric Vehicle. Furthermore, it starts with the basics and then moves to the details of the various components step-by-step.

  1. Introduction to Electric Vehicle
  2. History of Electric Vehicle
  3. Architecture of an EV
  4. Forces acting on a vehicle
  5. Motors and its types
  6. Fuel Cell Technology
  7. Battery and its types
  8. BMS
  9. Motor Controller
  10. Making your own E-Bike ( in collaboration with the American creator Benjamin Nelson)

Who can enroll for this Electric Vehicle course?

This Electric Vehicle course is designed to up-skill students and professionals who are complete beginners.

  1. Students (B.Tech/M.Tech) irrespective of their branches and year of study can enroll for this course
  2. Working professionals looking forward to build up their career in the EV industry
  3. Researchers from different backgrounds can enroll for this course and gain the basic understanding
  4. Anyone passionate about Electric Vehicles


Having a certificate will help you showcase your skills to prospective clients as well as companies. Also, some of the powerful ways to showcase your skills are:

  • Including your Certificate of Completion on your resume
  • Posting your Certificate of Completion to your online profiles such as LinkedIn

FREE e-study material for the students opting for certification.

Note: As mentioned above Introduction to Electric Vehicle course is free to learn however, a certification charge must be paid in order to get the certificate.


Premium Community Access:

People opting for the certification get a premium access to the Zikshaa EV Community (ZEC) – A community of 200+ members consisting of professionals, researchers and EV enthusiasts.

Community member benefits:

  1. 3 FREE webinars per month with certification specially for the community members related to Electric Vehicles
  2.  FREE access to various EV related discussions and study materials
  3.  Furthermore, 10% discount on various paid courses


Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course 00:10:00
How does an electric vehicle works? 00:10:00
How does a gasoline vehicle works? 00:15:00
Components of a Gasoline Engine 00:15:00
Other parts of a gasoline vehicle 00:10:00
Introduction to the Electric Vehicles 00:10:00
Types of Electric Vehicles 00:18:00
History of Electric Vehicles 00:15:00
Forces acting on a Vehicle 00:05:00
Vehicle Resistance 00:10:00
Basic Design
Configuration of Electric Vehicles 00:20:00
Performance of Electric Vehicles 00:10:00
Operating Modes 00:15:00
Introduction to Motors 00:10:00
Types of Motors 00:10:00
Brushless DC motors(BLDC)
Introduction 00:15:00
Principle and working 00:10:00
Design calculation of BLDC motors 00:08:00
Induction Motor
Introduction 00:10:00
Principle and working 00:15:00
Advantages and Disadvantages 00:10:00
Fuel Cell Technology
Introduction 00:10:00
Types of Fuel Cell 00:20:00
Introduction 00:10:00
Types of Batteries 00:15:00
Working of Batteries 00:05:00
Battery Management System
Introduction 00:05:00
Importance and working 2 weeks, 1 day
Motor Controller
Introduction 00:10:00
CAN Bus Communication 00:15:00
Make your own electric bike
Introduction 00:00:00
Overview of Electric bike 00:00:00
Safety First 00:00:00
License insurance and Legal 00:00:00
How to choose the right bike? 00:00:00
How to choose the right bike? 00:00:00
Electric Motor 00:00:00
Batteries 00:00:00
Battery Rack 00:00:00
Charging 00:00:00
Motor Controller 00:00:00
Balance of system 00:00:00
Go for a ride 00:00:00
Why go for a Certification? 00:02:00
EV Certification Quiz 00:10:00

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  1. 5

    The content in this course was really helpful



    SIR, as a EEE student this course is really helpful for me .
    Thank you for providing this good course.

  3. 5

    Its very good for learning basics of Electric vehicle technology

  4. Electrical vehicles


    This course is very helpful for my academic as well as society to gain the knowledge about what is exactly electrical vehicles ?. The videos provided in that course is very conceptful as well as very easy to understand.

  5. Great


    simplified and knowledgefull session

  6. Nice


    It’s useful to understand about how Electric vehicle n their components works

  7. Very Nice course content and video's


    Very good and very much covered stuff o EV’s.

  8. Informative


    Really helpful to learn new things

  9. Electric era


    Good content and very well explained .

  10. Brilliant course


    Through this course am able to learn about the motors, their functioning and able to understand about the electric vehicles and the uses.

  11. Introduction to electric vehicles


    The course is nice it explains all the basic parts of ev and how to create our own evs.

  12. Good course for beginners in EV area.


    This course completely give basic understanding of EV.

  13. Electrical vehicles


    Excellent course content

  14. very good course


    i learned a lot from it

  15. Fundamentals of EV


    It was Nice Data Material and learn a lot of unknown parameters

  16. Good


    Overall it was a great experience


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