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Battery Management System (BMS) for Electric Vehicles Course:

Welcome to this 6-weeks  Battery Management System (BMS) for Electric Vehicles Course. To validate your learning, you will be working on an industry-relevant investigative project at the end of this course for 1-week.

After completing this course, the students will have a good understanding of:

  1. Battery Operations & Various Battery Chemistry available in the market.
  2. Understanding the Battery Management System (BMS)
  3. Hands-on programming of the Battery Management System (BMS) Algorithms.
  4. SOC Estimations Techniques
  5. Vehicle to grid and grid to vehicle charging.


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Battery Management System (BMS) for Electric Vehicles Course Overview:

  1. In the primary stage of this Battery Management System (BMS) Course, battery chemistry, the technology, the designing of battery packs, assembly and disassembly of battery packs are focused in the first half. It will then define major battery related terminologies such as State of Charge (SOC), State of health (SOH), Depth of Discharge (DOD) etc.
  2. Following that, this Battery Management System (BMS) Course will focus on the best practices to be followed while assembling and disassembling a battery pack. Some real-life examples of battery pack diagrams of Electric Vehicles such as Nissan Leaf and Honda Civic Electric Vehicles will be explained.
  3. Furthermore, this course will solely be focused on Battery management systems(BMS). The module will focus on string balancing within battery packs, the theory and algorithms, and use simulation-based software such as MATLAB/Simulink or Octave for algorithms and designing and simulation of cell equivalent circuits.  We will then investigate an overview of the modeling of cells using a research-based approach. 
  4. An investigative project will be given as a task for the completion of the course which will include all the knowledge that has been gained from the course and will carry significant weightage in the course completion.

Who is this Battery Management System (BMS) for Electric Vehicles Course for?

  1. The course will start with the very basics of battery technology. So, any student pursuing undergraduate courses in engineering (B.E./B.Tech) and higher degrees (M.E./M.Tech) are welcome in this course. Any prior knowledge of battery chemistry will be an added benefit. People with no prior knowledge of software such as MATLAB/Simulink will not have to worry as the programming is very basic and can be done simultaneously with the instructor. 
  2. The course is also well designed for industry professionals who want to make a career switch into EV battery technology.
  3. This course is also suitable for professionals and academicians who are looking to focus their research or product development on battery technology. 
  4. Anyone who is looking forward to starting a business related to Electric Vehicles can also enroll in this course.

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Career Opportunities for Battery Management System (BMS) for Electric Vehicles Engineers:

After completion of this Battery Management System (BMS) Course for Electric Vehicles, the students will be employable in the new and booming Electric Vehicle-EV industry sector. It will also help the students to develop an interest and ultimately work on new innovative projects on battery technologies of EV.

Software Skills you’ll learn:

MATLAB is one of the extensively used software in the field of engineering, especially in electrical engineering. It is due to it’s versatile nature that it has an edge  an edge over the other software.  Simulink as many of you may be familiar with is an integrated add-on to the MATLAB software itself. Simulink is a GUI based programming add-on which makes it easier for the user to code in it. You don’t need any hard-coded programming syntax for running your simulation in Simulink. MATLAB/Simulink for electrical engineers can be a complete course if done in detail. However, for this course, we will teach you the necessities required to complete it. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior knowledge of MATLAB, we have got you covered!!!

Using MATLAB/Simulink we will design equivalent cell circuits, program some algorithms, and use it to perform the investigative project in week 5 and week 6.

Certificate of Completion

Having a certificate will help you showcase your skills to prospective clients as well as companies. Also, some of the powerful ways to showcase your skills are:

  • Including your Certificate of Completion on your resume
  • Posting your Certificate of Completion to your online profiles such as LinkedIn
  • Staying connected with your classmates and mentors

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Battery Technology
Introduction to the Battery Management System Course 00:00:00
Battery Terminologies 00:35:00
Working Principle Of Battery 00:30:00
Lead Acid Battery Part 1 00:32:00
Lead Acid Battery Part 2 00:26:00
Nickel Cadmium Battery 00:50:00
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 00:30:00
Lithium Based Battery Technology Part 1 00:57:00
Lithium Based Battery Technology Part 2 00:25:00
Assignment for week 1 and 2 00:30:00
Battery Storage And Management
Battery Pack- Construction & Assembly 00:29:00
Disassembly of Battery Pack 00:09:00
String Balancing of Battery Pack 00:36:00
Assignment for week 3 00:40:00
Measurements and Determination of SoC 00:21:00
Battery modelling-OCV 00:31:00
Battery Modelling – Randles 00:29:00
Battery Pack-Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy 00:21:00
Battery Pack-Alternative Parameter Estimation 00:20:00
Matlab Basics 00:19:00
Simulink Basics 00:20:00
Simulink Basics Part 2 00:17:00
First Order Battery Modelling 00:18:00
Second Order (Randles) Battery Modelling 00:14:00
Re-mapped Randles Second Order Modelling 00:39:00
Investigate Project
Investigate Project 00:00:00

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  1. BMS


    This course is really good. It is really good course for those who are in electrical field. The faculties handling this course are also teaching really well.

  2. Battery Management System


    It is a must take course especially for mechanical and automobile engineers as the industry is evolving. The basics taught in this course will need no prerequisite just some foundational knowledge of scientific terms. The course covers all the important topics and the explanation along with the content is very good.

  3. Battery management system


    The flow of course is very good . You get to learn from the basics. The way of explaining things by instructor is really impressive and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to all who are willing to start their career in battery management system.

  4. Battery Management System


    The course was beyond great. It has helped me well in forming the building blocks of the topic- Battery Management System. I’m content to choose Zikshaa as my mode to form the basics of such a vast topic, as we know the base matters most.


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