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“Become a CAD professional in 30 Days: Learn Solidworks Modelling, drafting and assembly with Industry-relevant projects”

Anyone with a basic technical background can learn CAD (computer-aided design) using Solid works. In this Solid Works certification course, you’ll learn modelling, drafting and assembly in just 30 days with our online support and personalized guidance. We have implemented Project-based learning to the course to help the students to learn. Understand and implement better.

During the 30 Days training period you will learn:

  1. Complete Solidworks interface
  2. All the tools of Solidworks
  3. Practical demonstration of tools
  4. Complete features of part modelling
  5. Orthographic and Isometric Projections
  6. 1st and 3rd angle projections
  7. How to draw 2D sketches
  8. Modelling of an automobile suspension system
  9. Various essential tools
  10. Assembly of various components
  11. Drafting
  12. Wire frame design
  13. Advance Solid works features
  14. Application
  15. Stress Analysis in Solid Works

Learning outcome

After completing the Solidworks Certification Course, students will be able to

  • Present themselves with design variation and create error-free designs.
  • Create a design without increasing the cost constituent.
  • Learn exceptional resolutions for conceptual drawing and 3-dimensional modelling.
  • Obtain knowledge in manufacturing methods form various domains.
  • Become a productive, innovative, and communicative designer/engineer, with the expertise to operate with people fording various disciplines.

About the Course:

According to Glassdoor, an engineer with CAD skills makes anywhere in between with an average of 4.28 LPA to as high as 12.82 LPA. Furthermore, there is a projected growth of 13 per cent in the computer-aided designing sector by 2022. If you are already in the design and engineering profession or want to start your career in design or CAD background then chances are you need to fluent your skills in ‘SolidWorks’. The most efficient skills required to master ‘SolidWorks’ is to learn and be fluent in using all the tools of Solidworks, this is very important for modern mechanical engineers. This comes into play for some entrepreneur as well as business people for a better understanding of the development of their product. Before we dive in lets first understand, why ‘Solidworks’ is so important for design engineers?

In this Solidworks Certification course, you will learn how to use the software, from basics to advanced level, through our online video tutorials. Moreover, we believe in learning by doing as it has been proven best for learning software like Solidworks. 

About Software

SolidWorks is a professional CAD/CAM  based software produced by the French company Dassault Systemes. Especially the automobile sector,  aviation sector and other simulation sectors that can respond to the needs of the program. For instance for leading product lifecycle management(PLM) solutions for collaboration based product development and various other fields. Almost all the automotive industry in the world is using computer-aided design and manufacturing.

This Solidworks Certification Course Includes:

  • Video Courses
  • Lifetime access to Zikshaa
  • Certificate on completion
  • Online Support
  • Personalized Support

Prerequisites for this course

  • Basics of 2D and 3D drawings (Sketching).
  • The basic idea of machine design.

Modes of Support

You can contact our instructor and the support engineers to clear your doubts & questions. We offer multiple modes of assistance mentioned subsequently.

Zikshaa Support

Why our Solidworks Certification course?

  • We at Zikshaa believe in training by doing approach which is proven the best for learning software like Solidworks.
  • Every consecutive video will improve your Solidworks skills in a systematic order which will be helpful to understand.
  • We have made our videos brief and focused on one or a few aspects to make them easier for reference. We also sketched each lesson to be a stand-alone lesson.
  • Our lectures will not only guide you about the basic of Solidworks but will also guide towards advanced-level computer drawing as well when you will be about to finish the course.

Who should take up this Course:

-Mechanical Engineers

-Automobile Engineers

-Aviation Engineers

-Industrial applicants

-People passionate about designing

Future Scope in this Field:

-Design engineer in the industrial sector: 

Range of sectors such as construction and the built environment, materials, software, components, machinery and vehicles. The job role will initial conceptualization, design, development and management of projects.

To succeed you’ll need strong technical knowledge, as well as problem-solving, communication, leadership and project management skills.

Depending on the specialist area, design engineers are also be known as CAD engineers, consulting engineers and product design engineers.


-Freelancing (Be your own boss):

Freelance CAD works are wanted all over the world. An engineer with sound CAD skills can manage to make enough cash and get some high-level projects. Small companies to large MNCs all want to outsource their projects in the current market. At this point, the demand for freelance CAD engineers is at its peak.

For anyone with a sound concept if design, development and drafting skills along with good technical knowledge and problem-solving skills can make a good living as a Freelancing CAD engineer.


-R&D departments of core sector:

Entry-level CAD professionals get 5-7 lakh per annum.

At 10 years of experience 15 lacs to 20 lacs range can be seen and at general manager level i.e. around 20-25 years of experience it is anywhere from 50 lacs to 70 lacs.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Solidworks
Learning to use Solidworks Interface FREE 00:00:00
History Of Solidworks 00:00:00
Welcome 00:00:00
About software 00:00:00
Basics of Solidworks
Sketch 00:00:00
Introduction to Solidworks tools 00:00:00
Different types of views 00:00:00
Part Modelling
Use of different commands for designing a part model 00:00:00
Basic 3D Part modelling and features 00:00:00
T-Joint pipe 00:00:00
Reference plane 00:00:00
Lofted boss 00:00:00
Part Modelling - Sprocket
Sprocket 00:00:00
Part Modelling - Steering Wheel
Part 1 00:00:00
Part 2 00:00:00
Part Modelling - Suspension Component Design
Base 00:00:00
Top rod 00:00:00
Screwing Nut 00:00:00
Part 1 00:00:00
Part 2 00:00:00
How to assemble various parts together using assembly 00:00:00
Generating drawing files from models 00:00:00
Draft: Part 2 00:00:00
Surface Modeling
Surface Modeling 00:00:00
Design with Weldments
Use of weldments for designing tubular structure 00:00:00
Part 2 00:00:00

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  1. Mechanical Designing Using Solidworks


    The Course content was really helpful to increase my modelling knowledge using Solidworks.


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