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About the course:

The Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing GD&T  course is designed in a way to build from the basic concepts of engineering drawing towards more complex concepts.  It starts with explaining the importance of an engineering

drawing and going on to explain why the need for GD&T has arisen and then a deep dive into the concepts of GD&T.

This course is for Beginners as well as for Seasoned Professionals !

  • If you are a total Beginner, the course will build progressively in terms of concepts to capture
    the core tenets of GD&T.
  • If you are a Seasoned Professional then the latter portions of the course will be useful to you.

Learning and Outcomes of the Course:-

  •  The basic concepts of Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing GD&T.
  •  How to apply GD&T to a part drawing and Spot key features on a drawing.
  •  Why is GD&T needed and what are its advantages over the traditional method?
  •  Understanding the datum target and its applications.
  • Practice what is learnt through thought provoking exercises with multiple problem sets in
    the Practice section
  • Learn from a seasoned design engineer with real world experience in Automobile Product

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Pre-Requisites for the course:

  • Basic knowledge of Mechanical Engineering
  • Awareness on Engineering Design
  • Knowledge of making 2D drawings

Who this Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing – GD&T course is for ?

  • Aspiring Mechanical/Automobile/Production engineering students.
  • Mechanical design Professionals, QA engineers.
  • Process design engineers, executives from the manufacturing sector, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about GD&T.

Why Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)?

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing – GD&T is a body of knowledge and a symbolic language
used to communicate design intent on an engineering drawing for manufacturing and
inspection, as a result you will learn , how exactly are the core concepts of GD&T built and how they
are applied to drawings with multiple examples.
You will learn and appreciate the importance of the language over the traditional way of
dimensioning and learn the possibilities of controlling the parts’ variations using various
combinations of symbols and controls.

How will this Course up-skill you?

  • Understanding of all the symbols used in GD&T.
  • Designer Role – Demonstrate an ability to use GD&T symbols on an engineering drawing to
    completely specify the form and limits of variation of features.
  • Machinist Role – Understanding of datums and datum reference frames.
  • Inspecting Role – Ability to determine the acceptability of manufactured parts based on GD&T
  • Each section has a Quiz and you will find assignments to practice your GD&T skills.
  • This course will you in learning and capturing every point required for a design engineer at the industrial level through multiple short lectures with condense information.
  • Lastly, at the end of the course, you will have a Q&A section with insightful questions that will test your conceptual understanding of the subject.

Certificate of Completion:

Having a recognized certificate will help you showcase your skills to prospective clients as well as companies. Also, some of the powerful ways to showcase your skills are:

  • Including your Certificate of Completion on your resume
  • Posting your Certificate of Completion to your online profiles such as LinkedIn

Sample Certificate:


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance Online Course Certificate - Zikshaa

Course Curriculum

Week 1
Session 1 01:03:00
GD&T Assignment1 00:10:00
Week 2
Session 2 01:30:00
GD&T Assignment 2 00:20:00
Week 3
Session 3 01:52:00
Week 3-Assignment 00:30:00
Week 4
Session 4 01:41:00
GD&T Week-4 Assignment 00:00:00

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  1. Extremely informative course.


    I simply loved the content provided by the trainer and the way of training is also very informative. And it provided me with the in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing requirement in the industry to maintain the quality of the products.

  2. A very needy course for Mechanical and Automobile design engineers.


    At first I knew only the Engineering and Mechanical Drawing concepts which is to be applied in the designand drawing a product.
    While learning through this course I found that designing a product with only dimensions given is not enough to manufacture an accurate product. By using the concepts of GD&T there are various to control the dimensions and
    shapes of the product, so that manufacturing process goes tight taking learnt factors/concepts of GD&T other than dimensions into account.
    So all togather this was a very excillent and was sort of vast yet interactive course. I got to learn some OEM’s industry related works and knowledge too.


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